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Education + Art + Activism

these should always be interwoven

As an educator, I aim to cultivate a classroom culture that allows for reciprocal exchange. The roles of student and teacher are interchangeable as we all learn from one another. We each bring unique experiences and wisdom to the classroom. It is difficult to break the oppressive structures that make up the American education system, but we can aim to infiltrate and deconstruct these systems in the ways we build deeper relationships, cultivate environments of compassion and critical dialog, showing up as our authentic selves, and teach content with intention. My intention is liberation through art education.


Free Online Resources for Students

Resources for Educators to (Un)Learn & Integrate Into Lessons

Classroom Content: Art & Activism


  • Emory Douglas

  • Jose Guadalupe Posada

  • Jhovany De Ala

  • Rachael Romero

  • Favianna Rodriguez

  • Lee Mokobe

  • Justyne Fischer

  • Eric Almanza

  • Ai Weiwei

  • Xian Mei Qiu

  • Nam June Paik

  • Zaria Foreman

Community-Led Art Organizations


  • Just Seeds

  • Chinatown Art Brigade

  • For the People Artists Collective

  • Kamoinge

  • Third Women Press (LGBT)

  • Lion’s Main (LGBTQ)

  • Balti Girls (black/brown/all women)

  • The Coven (female and nonbinary)

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