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Get Informed, Get Involved

this is a living document, please share resources you would like listed below

*We expect y'all to use critical thinking skills when exploring these documents.

Consider who is in control of the narrative and what voices are being silenced and/or distorted. Consider how the media inaccurately portrays the actions and voices of the people on the streets. Consider how performative allyship plays out over and over again through pledges, taking a knee, uploading a black square to show "solidarity" with Black Lives Matter. Consider all the communities that have faced systemic oppression for centuries, the same communities that local representatives and police departments claim to "protect and serve." We demand actionable changes NOW. We are NOT asking, we are DEMANDING for LIBERATION NOW for Black people and all marginalized communities that have been oppressed, murdered, exploited, under-resourced, over-policed, silenced for FAR TOO LONG.


Find upcoming Bay Area Protests Here 

What indigenous land do you occupy? Find out Here. Learn about territory acknowledgement Here

Community Organizations


San Jose Peace and Justice Center Website Here, Read their Blog Here

Find Resources from San Jose Strong Here & their project Support Our International Students Here

Silicon Valley Debug, Read Stories Here. Read the Letter from SJ Families to the City of SJ Here​

Get Involved in MAIZ San Jose Here

Connect with VietUnity Southbay Here

Learn About Southeast Asians Diaspora Projects (SEAD) Here


BIPOC-led garden projects & learning resources Here

Learn about Hood Herbalism Here

Learn about Nalgona Positivity Pride (support for POC with eating disorders) Here

San José City & Related Information

Learn about Redlining in San José Here

Watch City Council Meetings Live (Regularly on Tuesdays 11am) Here

Find Meeting Calendar and Agendas Here

Find your district and council member Here

Read Mayor Liccardo's June Budget Message Here

Read the San Jose Budget Documents 2020-21 Here

Read "Equity Review of the 2020-21 Proposed Budget" Memo (May 2020) Here

Read SJ Councilmember "Equity Fund Proposal" Memo (April 2019) Here

Read About the Equity Pledge Signed by Santa Clara Lawmakers Here

Read David Sykes Curfew Declaration Here

What's the Peace Officer Bill of Rights? Read it Here

Report Police Misconduct in San Jose Here


Read about how COVID-19 impacts SJ's poor Latinx communities Here

Read about the disproportionate impact of COVID on Sacramento's Black Community Here

Watch a video compilation of corporate commercials in response to COVID-19 Here

Educate Yourself

Collection of audio/visual content from radical organizations/movements Here

Read Jstor's Resources on Institutionalized Racism Here

Read "Black Berets for Justice" Theses by Arturo Villarreal Here

Find Resources from "POOR Magazine" Here

Guide to Allyship Here

If You're New to Abolition Study Guide Here

Things to research if you do not know about them:

  • List of Civil Unrest in the US Here

  • Tuskegee syphilis experiment, Tulsa's Black Wall Street, Jim Crow Laws, Rosewood Massacre

  • Environmental Racism, Standing Rock, Stand With Moana Kea

  • Black Panthers, Brown Berets, Black Berets

  • Terms: Anti-blackness, Colorism, Microagressions, Decolonization, Implicit Bias, Intersectionality, Redlining, Eugenics, Prison Industrial Complex

Blueprints for Police-Free Communities

Learn about Dignity in Schools Here

Learn about No Cop Academy Here

Learn about Care Not Cops Here

Learn about Durham Beyond Policing Here

Learn about Defund OPD Here

Learn about the Anti Police Terror Project Here

Learn about Minneapolis Reclaim the Block Here

Bay Area Black-Owned Businesses &
Black Community Organizations

Organizations in support for BLM and the Community Here

Here is a list of Black-Owned Businesses in SJ/Bay Area 

Learn About the African American Community Service Agency Here

Learn About the Roots Community Health Center Here

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